Integrierte Gesamtschule Zell an der Mosel

London 2018

Our Trip to London, 2018
19th March 2018
The Day started early in the morning.
At 04.30 a.m. we all had to be at the school, at the bus stop, and at 05:00 o’clock our trip
to London started.
The bus journey was very long but we were able to sleep or listen to music or talk to each
other. After ca. seven hours we reached Calais, where we had to wait a little bit and check
all students so that we could take the ferry to Dover.
It was a very big ferry and you can do or buy everything there.
After about two hours we reached Dover.
From Dover to London we drove again four hours. We made a short stop in Canterbury,
where we were able to go in groups through the city and see some interesting things.
After ca. one hour we went on. And then at about eight o’clock we arrived at our hostel
„Palmers Lodge Hillspring“.
Before we had a bit free time and all could go to our rooms, Mrs. Banyai gave us our keys
for the rooms and we had to choose one student who’d be responsible for the keys.
After that the day was over soon, but before, we all went to the dining room and the
teachers told us the rules and everything we had to know in the hostel and for the next
At 10.30pm we all had to be in the rooms. And the first day was over.
20th March 2018
It was the second day, we had a guided tour through London. But before we picked up
our travel guide, we went to have breakfast and got the important information for today.
At 10:00 a.m. we met our travel guide at Madame Tussaud’s and the tour started.
We saw all we had to see when we were in London.
We drove to Buckingham Palace and took pictures and some of us even saw the Queen
while she was driving by in a car.
The tour was very good, we saw so many sights in London like the Buckingham Palace,
the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, and learned much more about the culture and history
of London.
Unfortunately we didn’t see the Big Ben completely because there was a scaffold around
The tour went on about three hours, but it wasn’t too long because sometimes we went
out of the bus for a couple of minutes and took pictures or looked around.
Of course our travel guide was very good.
After our tour we drove to Camden Market and there we had two hours of free time. The
Camden Market was really exiting and there were so many small shops, were you could
buy everythig.
At 7 p.m. we were back at the Hostel and some of us went to the supermarket with Mr.
Schnubel to buy some food or something else. Those who didn’t want to go to the
supermarket stayed in the hostel and relaxed in our free time, because the second day
was nearly over.
21st March 2018
Our last complete day we had in London. We had to wake up early in the morning
because after the breakfast we went to Windsor.
We went to Windsor Castel and there we learned all about the Queen and her life and also
a bit about her family.
It was so interesting in the castle because you had your own travel guide. It was like a
mobile phone and it lead you through the museum.
You had to choose the number of the room you are in and then you got all the important
information you need to know about this.
It was exciting to see how the Queen lives and when you compare it to our life, it is quite
After we were in the museum we had free time in Windsor, like 2 hours.
Because we had so much time left, we drove back to London and either we got more free
time or we went to another museum with our teachers. Some of us decided for the
museum but most went in the city again and went shopping and of course we took many
pictures with the London Eye or with a red telephone booth or with other beautiful sights.
They who went with Mr. Schnubel, Mrs. Banyai and Mr. Buck to the museum walked an
hour through the beautiful London. The city is so nice, we also walked through Hyde Park.
Having arrived at the Natural History Museum we saw that it would close very soon, so
we didn’t have so much time. But we went a little bit through this museum and it was
very interesting.
There was an exhibition about the world and the universe, with crystals and also with
Unfortunately we didn’t have much time left in this museum.
When you are in London you really have to take the underground at least once, this is an
experience you have to make.
Arrived at the hostel at about 8 p.m. some of us went again to the supermarket with the
teachers ,because this was our last evening in London.
Later we sat in the community room with Mr. Schnubel, Mrs. Banyai and Mr. Buck and
talked a bit.
At 10.30 pm we all went to our bedrooms because the next day we had to wake up earlier
than usual, because we went back to Germany.
22nd March 2018
We drove back to IGS Zell.
Before we ate breakfast, we put our baggage into the bus, so that we could drive right
after breakfast.
We drove again from our Hostel to the ferry in Dover. There we stayed again for two hours
on the ferry till we arrived in Calais. From Calais we drove six and a half hours till we were
in Zell at the school. The bus tour was enjoyable, we didn’t make too much noise and our
teachers were almost happy with us.
Generally spoken, our trip to London was very interesting and we had much fun. We also
learned something about the culture and the history of London. The weather was so good
and we didn’t have any rain, that’s unlikely for London, but we only had beautiful sunny
-written by Xenia Jodiss, 9c
-carefully revised and abridged by Mr. Schnubel